Hello, I’m Matt,

I work to improve quality of life for my own and future generations. Doing this today means deploying hard tech to disrupt highly regulated and protected industries. Transportation, logistics, education, food, housing, and defense to name a few.​

At present, I'm building operations for Advanced Air Mobility at Supernal (Hyundai Motor Group). Before this, I helped commercialize autonomous airplanes at Reliable Robotics and led airline sales for Boom Supersonic. Before that, I was a Network Planner at JetBlue where I helped launch and grow Mint.

Airplanes and transportation networks occupy a significant part of my brain. As a kid, I wanted to be an airline pilot. Though I don't fly for hire, I am a commercially-rated pilot and use little airplanes to access hard to reach places like national parks (Yellowstone is my favorite so far).

My goal is to remove commercial barriers, identify policy hurdles and raise money for hard tech startups. To this end, I write the Incubate Aerospace newsletter and my blog, tweet, test startup ideas, read and fly around to meet people.

The best way to reach me (and Kodiak the dog) is via Twitter (@mmsattler).

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Originally the Incubate Aerospace Newsletter, I've extended this page to now be writing on a variety of topics. Top of mind for now: US maritime, startup aerospace, future transportation & logistics tech, venture markets and regionalization.


I write about transportation and startups. My goal is to connect builders with problems that improve human life. Currently I am building air mobility at Hyundai (Supernal). Prev: Reliable Robotics, Boom & JetBlue. Views are, of course, my own.